[thelist] godaddy's business solutions

Joel D Canfield Joel at BizBa6.com
Thu May 28 12:47:14 CDT 2009

> Me - I'm uncomfortable with hosted, packages solutions in general, am
> wondering about flexibility,  SSH access (I will check), etc.
> anyone?  -Bob

not directly addressing those issues, but we're currently moving all our
domain reg away from GoDaddy. I'm tired of wading through advertising
every time I want to make a tiny change. I'm frustrated that the site
WILL NOT LOAD in Google Chrome (zero; total breakage.) Call for tech
support and listen to a sales pitch before you even hit the phone tree.

also, there's the perennial fave: change your contact info on a domain
name, and you're locked in for 90 days, not transfers allowed.

oddly, the 'please update your contact info' flag seems to pop up just
before my domain names are due to expire (and get transferred away to

I also struggle to understand their 'helpful' user interface to manage
their hosting. That's partly just me hating tools that get in the way of
the work.


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