[thelist] 3D rendering in browser

Roel Mulder roel.mulder at gmail.com
Thu May 28 16:18:18 CDT 2009

Hi all,
Allow me to sound you out for a possible approach to the following request.

A client wants to access information through a browser, where the data
is presented in the form of a three dimensional structure. Let's for
arguments sake say it's a cube, with content on each side. Then image
multiple cubes stacked into a Rubik's Cube with content on each
visible (outer) section. To click a section is to access that content.
Then, the clients wants to be able to turn the cube around with the
mouse pointer, rotate it till he finds the section he's interested in
and clicks on it to access that particular content.

So my questions are:
- What technology is readily available, that the current browsers can
handle, that would:
  1. render 3d objects,
  2. allow for content to be associated with (a section of) a plane of
that object,
  3. be dynamical so that a user can spin the cube around?
- Have you seen examples where this is implemented? If so please drop
me a hyperlink.


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