[thelist] Ugh - IIS 7 Gurus? - FIXED

Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Fri May 29 15:15:37 CDT 2009

OK, I finally found the problem.  For others who (will) come across it, here
is what it is:

In IIS 7, click on the site that you want to adjust the settings before.
Click on the ASP icon under IIS.  There is a "Limits Properties" that you
need to expand.  Under there, there is an option for "Maximum Requesting
Entity Body Limit".  This is the equivalent of the "
ASPMaxRequestEntityAllowed" in 2003 / IIS 6 that you had to manually set.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find "that" in II 7.  When I saw the size of
"Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit" I started putting two and two
together, and of course Google confirmed.

By default, it's set to "204800", which is 200KB, which is why my 130KB file
uploaded, but my 400KB file wouldn't.  I don't want to give away the farm,
so I set it for 20MB (20971520 bytes).  I may now have to adjust some other
options in the event  it times out on a large file, but I will test that


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Todd Richards wrote:
> I know there were some restrictions with IIS 6, and I had to go in and
> manually set a "maxupload" (or something like that) setting in the
> metabase.xml file.  But my understanding was that IIS 7 had a much larger
> "default" threshold.

Default is 30 MBs, but here are some links on forcing the time-out and size:


What is the exact error message with the file upload failure?

Anthony Baratta

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