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Hassan Schroeder hassan.schroeder at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 01:29:18 CST 2009

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 5:31 PM, Kirk Roberts Design
<business at kirkrobertsdesign.com> wrote:
> Whenever I've had to set up a database I've had access to the site's control
> panel.
> Now I'm subcontracting on a site build and have only been given an FTP
> login.
> I could ask for more access, but wonder if there is another way I'm not
> aware of.

In most basic authorization sytems permissions are role-based.

You need to negotiate the appropriate role in the group you're working
with to enable you to do what you need to do.

This is an organizational, not technology, issue.

But if you want to reframe this in terms of specific tasks, e.g. I need to
create a table in an existing db, truncate and populate a table, whatever --
and specify the platform (e.g. Ruby on Rails, Spring, Seaside, Django) --
you could probably get more actionable responses.

Oh, and if you're trying to do stuff they don't want to give you the authority
to do, you're probably not charging enough  :-)

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