[thelist] Email Newsletters and Stylesheets

Stephen R. evolt_org at striderweb.com
Tue Dec 15 09:40:05 CST 2009

On Dec 6, 2009, at 9:43 AM, Kirk Roberts Design wrote:

> I'm no expert, but here's what I understand:
> <br/> is xhtml (you have to close every tag)

Just for the record, <br/> is nothing.  <br /> (with the space) is XHTML.

One of the ideas behind XHTML was that it be backward compatible with HTML.  While there is no "br/" tag in HTML, there is a "br" tag, and <br /> is seen as a br tag with an invalid "/" attribute.  Thus, not valid HTML, but *comprehensible* to an HTML parser, as invalid attributes are generally just ignored.


Stephen Rider

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