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Symeon Charalabides symeon at systasis.com
Fri Dec 18 04:51:08 CST 2009

> We currently use SVN, but we have a project on which we need to work with a third party on a shared
> codebase. What we need to do is to be able to commit our code to a local repository, without it being
> committed to the global repository. This is so we can test my code in the development environment, then
> release to the staging environment, then finally once we're happy we can commit to the global repository.

You have just described git:


We've been using it for some time now: it's reliable and does what it says on the tin. It can be a tad traitorous for Windoze users as the Tortoise client uses the same lingo the SVN one does, only those terms don't really apply on git so you have to

- switch your mindset to the new terminology or

- use the command line (by far the preferred option)

Symeon Charalabides (cosmopolite trainee)

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