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Symeon Charalabides symeon at systasis.com
Fri Dec 18 05:11:56 CST 2009

Hi Chris,

>  A quick clarification - when I use the term "local", I mean it in the sense of local to our network. There would be multiple developers committing changes to the same "local" repository, before these changes being propagated to the "global" repository. Does GIT support this (and I confess I'm being a little lazy in not finding this out on my own) do you know, or does each developer have their own local repository?

Thanks for the clarification - apologies for not realising you mean "local" in this way. I'm not sure if git supports that. What it does support (and rather well) is branching, which you can use to emulate the scenario above: Have your production branch and the main development branch. Test stuff on your development branch and once it's all signed off, merge it back into the production branch (crossing your fingers and praying seems to help).

I'm not big on the sysadmin part of our operation so I couldn't give you any more details I'm afraid.

>  I note that SVK seems to work in a similar way, too:
>  http://svk.bestpractical.com/
>  http://www.perlmonks.org/?node=SVK

Since you're going to go on a comparative feature hunt anyway, you may as well look into Mercurial. It's supposed to be the poster child of all distributed version control systems. I'll be very interested to hear your conclusions.


Symeon Charalabides (cosmopolite trainee)

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