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On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 2:59 AM, Christopher Marsh
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> A quick clarification - when I use the term "local", I mean it in the sense of local to our network. There would be multiple developers committing changes to the same "local" repository, before these changes being propagated to the "global" repository. Does GIT support this (and I confess I'm being a little lazy in not finding this out on my own) do you know, or does each developer have their own local repository?

You can have as many "repositories" as you like. Yes, each dev
has their own desktop repo to which they can commit changes,
create branches, etc. But you can push to/pull from any number
of other (arbitrarily-named) repositories, so in your case a quick
  `git push local chris_updated_feature_branch`
  `git push global chris_bugfix_10221`
after committing is all it takes.

There's almost no learning curve for basic use; definitely check it out.

Oh, and for anyone else who's shied away from version control due
to having to set up a server, or excessive complexity -- try git. It works
fabulously for a single desktop, too.

Starting a new project?
  cd new_project_directory
  git init
  git add .
  git commit -m "new project, first commit"
You're now under version control  :-)

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