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Christopher Marsh Christopher.Marsh at akqa.com
Fri Dec 18 11:38:31 CST 2009


> The only issue with this is that your repository isn't off machine /
> out of
> the building, so you still run the risk of losing the repository if you
> have
> a mechanical failure or _insert building destroying disaster of choice
> here_.
> There are a number of free, or reasonably inexpensive hosted solutions
> for
> Git, SVN, etc that give you that one additional step of security.

Well, security in the sense that it's out of the building - but there are additional security issues when using hosted services of any sort. In any case, for my requirements the DR infrastructure is already in place so this is a non-issue.

It's also worth bearing in mind that the hosted services don't seem to perform at all well. As part of my current tasking, I've written a test runner that benchmarks three of the recommended hosting solutions against our internal SVN server. The performance with relatively small source trees is pretty bad, and I can't see it getting better as the size of the source tree grows. Just something to bear in mind if anyone's thinking about this for anything other than a small project.



Chris Marsh

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