[thelist] Can someone on Exchange help me?

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sun Dec 20 18:20:46 CST 2009

There is nothing special about Exchange - it would receive email from you as regular SMTP mail. It may be that the anti-spam settings on this client's Exchange server is preventing your mail from getting through, especially if the client is able to receive regular mail.


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A client of mine is having difficulty receiving email sent from a contact form on my server.  The client is using an Exchange server, and I'm fairly certain nothing is wrong with my server setup or form config.  However, I do not have any other clients (of friends) who are actually using an Exchange server to handle email, so I can't test the form to confirm whether this is an issue with ALL Exchange server setups, or just this specific client setup.

If you're on an Exchange server and you're willing to help me test this form I would really appreciate it.  You don't need to do anything other than confirm whether you can receive a test email sent through the form.

If you're willing to help, please send me a note via, greg at interstrategy.net, or if you're familiar with issues relating to sending emails via the Wordpress plugin, Cforms to Exchange servers, please drop me a note.

Thanks in advance,

Greg F 

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