[thelist] good illustrator tutorial(s)?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Jan 11 15:19:34 CST 2010

Sarah Adams wrote:
>>> I've been asked to learn how to create SVGs (scalable vector graphics).
>>> InkScape was suggested, since it's free, but I'm leaning towards
>>> Illustrator, since it is fairly standard in the industry. Can anyone
>>> share experience with InkScape that might change my mind on that?
>>> Otherwise, I'm looking for recommendations for a good tutorial(s) to get
>>> me started with Illustrator.
Folks on the GIMP list of course recommend Inkscape. GIMP has excellent 
documentation and a responsive mailing list, probably ditto for 
Inkscape. The bonus for these apps is that they are available for 
multiplatform and cost-effective. If I have a customer who is on a 
budget and is going to have to do some image manipulation this is an 
easy call for me.

I purchased Illustrator years ago, but realized for me it was overkill 
and more drama than I needed, so sold it on eBay. -Bob

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