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Christopher Marsh Christopher.Marsh at akqa.com
Tue Jan 12 04:32:57 CST 2010


> We currently use SVN, but we have a project on which we need to work
> with a third party on a shared codebase. What we need to do is to be
> able to commit our code to a local repository, without it being
> committed to the global repository. This is so we can test my code in
> the development environment, then release to the staging environment,
> then finally once we're happy we can commit to the global repository.

Thanks very much once again for all of the assistance with my source control queries last year. In case it's of use to anyone else, here is my proposed solution. I've prototyped it, and it seems to fulfil my criteria.

The remote repository is SVN (Remote Repository). I have a server, on which is a Git repository which syncs with the Remote Repository (Shared Repository). Each developer has a Git repository on his machine which has been cloned from the Shared Repository (Local Repository). The developer pulls from the Shared Repository to the Local Repository to get the latest version of working code. The developer pushes to the Shared Repository to commit changes for testing. Once changes have been tested and approved, the Shared Repository is synced with the Remote Repository. This keeps workflow within our network away from network latency issues, and ensures that the history is persisted to the Remote Repository.

The only thing I haven't checked which I want to is whether a Git repositor[y|ies] can be synced with two different SVN repositories - this would be the ideal, as developers internal to our and the remote network would continue to use SVN as before, and Git would only come into play when syncing between the two repositories.



Chris Marsh

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