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Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
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Thanks Raoul -

Yes, for now PHP sites with MySQL backend.  I do not believe that I installed a mail server yet because I actually operate a Windows mail server separate from my web server(s) that I use to send mail through (even for my websites).  If that's not ideal for this scenario, however, then I can install Postfix.

Sorry, I did  mean "root" (rather than "rooter").  I do have a GUI installed but thus far have been using the command line while following instructions.  I have to admit it's not bad (as long as there is something to follow - you can't just hunt and peck to find stuff).  But again, compared to Windows it seems like a much more tedious process.  If that's true, then fine.  But I have a feeling there is so much "basics" out there, and I don't even know how to start looking.

For instance, when I set up a new site in Windows, I:
- Create the folder location for the website
- Set up the site in IIS, pointing to the correct location for the site and log files
- Set up an FTP account
- Set up a database in MS SQL Server (if needed)

Is the process kind of the same in Linux?  Are there any scripts or anything out there to facilitate this?  If I start hosting several sites, what is the best way to manage them?  Is there a "Tips and Tricks" sheet to this, or a "What the books didn't tell you" site?  :)

I'm not trying to cheat and not do thing the right way (and understand them along the way), I just want to make sure I AM doing things the right - and most efficient way possible.


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Hi Todd,

On Mon, 11 Jan 2010 21:21:13 -0600, "Todd Richards" wrote:
> Now the question is - are there any sites that tell you how to
> run one for hosting websites?  I'm 99.5% Windows (the other .5% now going
> to
> this server) and I know how to quickly and easily go in and set up a
> But from what I'm reading, there is this long list of things that have to
> be
> done - all by the rooter user - to set up a site. I know that hosts don't
> do
> that (at least I don't think so), so I'm wondering if anyone can point me
> to
> some sites that better explain it?  My searches on Google have come up
> how to install it, but that's not quite what I'm looking for.

Well, it depends on exactly what sort of sites you want to host on the
server. I'm presuming you're looking at hosting PHP sites with a MySQL
backend? Have you got a mail server installed? You'll want that if you
don't. Postfix is a decent MTA, and Courier is a decent POP3/IMAP server
for virtual hosts. Look at the documentation on the Ubuntu Community
Documentation site.

In general, the default configuration of most applications in the Ubuntu
repository is sufficient for general hosting. Getting to know how to tweak
Apache and MySQL for performance is handy, but not a necessity unless
you're running a high profile site.

By the way, it's the "root" user, and on Ubuntu the root user is disabled
for security reasons. You can run commands as the root user by using the
"sudo" command in front of the command you need to run.

> PS - For what it's worth, I've got a PDF called "Run Your Own Server with
> Linux and Apache" and I've got a book called Ubuntu 9.04 Server
> Administration and Reference (by Richard Petersen).

Those will probably help :-)

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