[thelist] Newbie with First Ubuntu Server

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Tue Jan 12 16:07:10 CST 2010

There are 2 main reasons to learn vi.

The main one is that vi has a command mode that lets you do all kinds of 
insane stuff at once. Like for example ":%s/^M//g" to remove all the 
carriage returns found in a windows created text file at once. It will 
pay off in the long run. Search google for vi tricks.

The other reason is vi uses many of same conventions and commands that 
other things in linux use, like shell scripts and advanced command line. 
For example "grep '[7,8][0-9]$' somefile" does the exact same thing as 
/[7,8][0-9]$ does in vi. The scripting capabilities of linux are 
unlimited and you're missing all the fun if you don't learn a little bit 
about that. Understanding vi will help you understand a lot of things in 


Mark Mandel wrote:
> Just a note as well - I've never much got into VI (although I probably
> should). If you are looking for a simpler text editor, try 'nano'. It comes
> bundled with Ubuntu, and makes for an easier transition from Windows.
> Mark

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