[thelist] iframe issue loading internal link

Joel Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Wed Jan 13 15:15:34 CST 2010

The guy I created http://goldenstateoutdoorsman.com/forum.php for wanted
custom headers, nav, stuff like that, and the forum embedded in the site,
not just a link to it.

When you use my navigation, it loads the topic with focus on the top of the
topic. When you follow a link inside the iframe, it loads with the page
scrolled down to wherever the browser was scrolled when you clicked the

I'm using javascript to resize the iframe window; it doesn't fire on links
internal to the iframe, so the iframe doesn't resize, and the window
sometimes looks completely blank because the content is way up there but the
browser is scrolled way down here.

For example, follow the nav in the blue bar to 'Forum | Fishing | Trout' and
it loads fine. But go to 'All Forms' in the blue nav, then scroll down and
use the forum's nav to get to 'Trout' under 'Fishing' and you get what we
don't want.

Any helpful thoughts?


Joel at Bizba6.com

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