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WPLite does the trick! Thanks.

If anyone's interested, for some of the plugins (e.g. photo album), the user must be an admin even to see it. Although I didn't take it off with WPLite, it wasn't there when I logged in as an editor. Thus, all users who need to access photo upload would need to have admin privileges.

Probably the solution will be to take everything off the Dashboard and provide direct page links to the photo plugin admin, etc. The user can get into whatever he/she needs, but will see no other options. Links to any more sensitive functions (such as adding users) could be provided to the client separately to distribute as he/she sees fit.

Very nice.

Thanks again,

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Take a look at a plugin called "WPLite", it allows a lot of access configurations.


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> Hello.
> I want to provide a client with a site made in Wordpress, using plugins such as e-commerce, photo album, etc. This would require giving him/her the ability to access the plugin admin to upload photos and the like. However, it seems very unwise to give access to the entire Dashboard (as well as scary and dangerous for the client).
> Does anyone know a way to limit a user to specific admin areas, such as the e-commerce plugin or photo album admin? Or, would I have to create those functions with a separate script on pages not controlled through WP (external scripts - not WP plugins) and give the client separate admin login pages for those (obviously a lot more work)?
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> David
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