[thelist] 100% editable CMS?

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Mon Jun 21 05:26:55 CDT 2010

I have a potential customer who wants to be able to edit 100% of his
web-site including any themes/colour schemes and branding. He is used to
using MS Publisher which will allows him to edit pages and generate html
pages (horrible, horrible html/css).


I use WordPress to build sites and find it a flexible easy to use tool.
There are lots of plugins that allow you create menus, and so on,  and to a
limited extent edit the theme. I can't find a user friendly theme editor
plugin that has the ability to allow the user to change the theme of their
site. I've toyed with writing one myself, but don't have the time (or
inclination) at the moment. I've searched the wordpress plugin library and
can't see anything close to what the client wants.


Anybody know of a WP plugin? 

Incidentally, do other open source  CMS allow this degree of flexibility for
the user - I've looked at Joomla in the past, but can't recall that it can
do it?







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