[thelist] Why I hate Coldfusion.

Frank Marion lists at frankmarion.com
Fri Aug 27 02:29:12 CDT 2010

I've just finished writing some of the best code I've ever written.  
Over 500 lines of tight, clean, elegant, strictly-on-spec, self- 
validating code. I've gone over it line by line 100 times, and it's  
flawless. Throw anything at it, and it'll handle it with grace. I'm so  
totally proud of myself and my work.

Then as I look though the Coldfusion documentation, I find that  
there's a tag that does everything I've spent the last 3 days  
feverishly and zealously coding. And more.

And all I needed was one line of code.


Moral of the story: RTFM.

Frank Marion
lists [_at_] frankmarion.com

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