[thelist] Customer requirements: simple?

Zachary Kent zachary.kent at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 16:11:40 CDT 2010

> Should we answer email from people who want things that are "simple" and
> "just the basics".
> I think it ought to be put down as a red flag client moment and dismissed as
> such.

My advice is to educate your prospective clients.  This shows the
prospective client that you know your business and if they can afford
you then they should hire you.  Most times, the prospective client has
no idea what something should cost but I try to take the time to hear
out what they want and tell them what it will cost them.  Most of the
time that is the end of it but I have done my part by educating them
about my industry including the complexities, risks, and cost of what
they are asking.  The hope is that they will either re-evaluate their
budget or their expectations and hire me.  If I treat them with
respect they will also refer others to me that can afford me.

I just did one of these initial consultations where they wanted to be
better than their competitors but in the end they had little to no
money.  I am doing them a favor and sending them a detailed quote so
they can either stop pestering me and my fellow web developers or she
might go to the owner and enlighten him.

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