[thelist] Networking: WIFI: Is this MY connection?

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Sat Sep 11 16:02:40 CDT 2010

Is your router wifi network called 'HOME'? Could your neighbour ( maybe
unlikely if they are French have one called 'HOME'). Maybe rename yours
MarionNet, or similar, and see what Stumbler, picks up - if you give your
own 'net a unique name, you can probably be sure its yours - I hasten to add
I'm no network guru either, but I know my own network :)


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I'm a just-get-by networking guy. I can set up my networks and have  
the relatively secure, but I'm not a top-notch expert, so I need a bit  
of advice.

When I bought a laptop, I messed around with my settings before I  
struck on a solution that worked. Originally, I had created a network  
between my wireless Mac and my ethernet PC called "HOME", both plugged  
into my wireless router, but finally got "HOME NETWORK" working. Now,  
sometime later, as I detect the local WIFI connections using Stumbler  
(a Mac solution) I see a network called "HOME", which in a  
predominantly French area, would be like seeing a connection called  
"Chez Nous" in the US, it's an anomaly.

I'm concerned that somehow, despite my inability to find a reference  
to HOME on either of my machines or my router settings, that somehow I  
might have left a network open for anyone to use--specifically that  
weirdo downstairs who has a USB wire with a WIFI key dangling out of  
his front window.

I'm *relatively* confident that my network is secure, but that HOME  
thing give me pause, and I'd like to shut down any potential trouble  

Can someone recommend a means by which I can positively ascertain that  
I have or do not have such a network running?

Some facts:

* I DO have MAC filtering on, denying all MAC addresses but those that  
I specifically permit.

* My router shows that only one wireless connection is CURRENTLY  
logged on, and it matches my MAC address.

* I do use a WPA2 encryption scheme, with really bad-ass pass-phrases.

* My NAT filtering is address restricted.

* I have no DMZ

* UPnP is off.

* All WAN pings are off.

* ShieldsUp (grc.com) shows that I'm totally stealthed on ports  
0-1055, but that's not my WIFI connection,it's my router.

* I can only access my router locally (no remote admin), and I have a  
solid pass-phrase.

* To the best of my knowledge, no one has physical access to my  

Is it possible to run more than one WIFI networks simultaneously? Can  
my Mac serve as a network point directly? Or is my router my only  

Thanks for your thoughts, keep them in relatively simple English when  
using networking speak, please :)

Frank Marion
lists [_at_] frankmarion.com


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