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Greg Holmes greg.holmes at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 12:12:45 CST 2011

"F Dariano" <fdariano at woh.rr.com> wrote:
>I'm volunteer Webmaster for a 3 county nonprofit org whose website
>is http://www.namissw.org.

>For the annual NAMI Walk fundraiser, the Executive Director would like
>a donation page added which would keep track of which walker or team gets
>credit for the donation & have an entry for the Team name or walker name.

>I thought a database would have to be created & looked into this but it seems
>beyond what I understand.

>Would another format work for this? Thanks for reading.

Hi Frank-

I've built exactly this for a different non-profit. It got pretty complicated -
possibly more than yours will - there were all sorts of permutations of
teams, walkers, donations, t-shirts, etc.

But yes, it certainly needed a database. I suppose you could gather all
the information and just email it to somebody, but that just pushes the
task of storing and organizing the data onto them, whoever they are.

So your choices would seem to be either figure out how to do it, pay (or
recruit) someone else to do it, or find some company that would have a
hosted solution for this.

Greg Holmes

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