[thelist] Firefox, CMS, and latency

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sat May 21 09:21:20 CDT 2011

I wonder if anyone else ever experiences this.  I am running Firefox, v3.6.17, on Linux. I have WebDeveloper, Firebug and ySlow installed.  Every now/then I run into latency problems with my CMS (especially) websites.  When I start Firefox it is fine.  Then after a while it starts to slow down, to almost crawl, and I run into severe latency.  Moving, placing the cursor, then typing all experience delays.

Am sort of wondering whether this might be related to some of the developer tools installed or other.  Although the problem is emphasized on my CMS sites, I can also see the latency when accessing Google, etc.  Restarting Firefox typically solves the problem.  Thoughts?


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