[thelist] Need a web host ok with adult content

Meshack meshack at hrts.org
Mon Jun 13 13:26:24 CDT 2011

So my host just jacked up the price of my hosting and now are jerking me
around telling me their actual cost is a 7.95/mo when all over their website
I see 6.95/mo. Time for a new webhost.


I'm looking at the terms and conditions of web hosts and all I've seen so
far have a "no pornography" clause. I don't have a pornography webhost, but
there is a possibility of having adult content on some of the sites I host.
One is a photography site for a sex radio show. So there is prurient content
and semi-nude photos. I would hate to have a host use this clause to pull
the plug on the site. My current host (bluehost) by the way has the no
pornography clause, but there haven't been any issues so far.


Also I'm just a firm believer in freedom of speech and I think it would be
good idea to support a hosting provider that isn't ready to fold from any
conservative pressure. Any suggestions?? Thanks!



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