[thelist] Facebook Developer Account

Dan Parry dan at shaded.plus.com
Wed Sep 26 06:19:04 CDT 2012

Hi all

I'm pretty certain I'm doing something wrong here, but I'm a little bit out of my depth. Here goes: My first experience of Facebook was yesterday when a client requested Facebook comments on his site. As a bit of background I can't stand Facebook and, until yesterday, it was blocked on my network at gateway and DNS level

Here's the problem: I've created an account (using my real name) and have verified the account using my mobile number but upon logging into the developer section and creating an app I'm told that my account is not verified. Closing the modal and refreshing the page shows that I've been logged out. I then have to reinsert my email address and password then insert my password *again* to get to the developer section. Trying to create the app again starts the same loop

I've tried this in Chrome and Firefox with the same effect. I really hope someone can help me see what I've missed so I can block Facebook once again (and breathe a sigh of relief)

Thanks in advance!


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