[thelist] EVOLT15

Bill Haenel bhaenel at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 13:23:41 CST 2013

Trudatyo (as the kids say), Ron.

Sold my Subaru with the "workers of the web" bumper sticker years ago.

Then there was the stuff that came out of evolt...

I went freelance based on the input I got from various evolters already
doing it. That lasted about nine years.

I followed Dan Cody into f2o.org territory and helped that team develop
some tools there. After that was over he helped a few of my pals and me put
together a public-broadcasting-web-developers-digital-community-type-thing
(since he was experienced doing same a few times otherwise) which has since
developed sites, projects and then become defunct several years ago. That
was the last I spoke with him or anyone from that gang. All of that came
out of evolt.

We tried to put together a "Web Standards Advocacy Group", sort of like
WaSP, again, based on conversations happening on and off-list at evolt, and
again, come and gone years ago now.

And etc, and etc, and etc.

It was the beginning of a ton of stuff, and a transition between a big
world with lots of space and a small world with no space. Our rockstars
were Veen and Zeldman and Meyer, and our hangouts were Web Monkey and evolt
and IRC and alistapart. The wild west. Good days. Great thread. Thank you.



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