[thesite] Original Tip Harvester Display

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 14 11:42:22 CST 2001

Michele Foster writes:

> +1 to what Josh says .. use the term [digest]

Makes it even more cluttered, but I changed it.  I like the idea of an
icon or something.

> I really dislike that version .. it looks awful.  The new version is
> so much better.

More than one person has said that they preferred the old version.
They found it cumbersome to have to keep clicking to each tip.  In
fact, some people have stopped reading the tips for that reason.

> Let's discuss it more .. but not worry too much about improving it
> "today".  I think there's talk of incorporating the tips into the
> new design, this needs to be considered as well.

Yes, but I'd like to get something done immediately rather than
waiting for the redesign.  I don't want to lose anymore viewers.

> One final thought .. it might be worthwhile to write up a short
> article for Community News announcing the enhancements/features of
> the Tip Harvester.

I'll try to put something together.


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