[thesite] Priv Levels, Voting App. and UEUE

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 1 11:28:59 CST 2001

what about MEO accounts who don't want voting rights, just the space and 
shit? i mean, its not like they're going to members.evolt.org and 
applying for an account with the hopes of becoming a voting member of 
evolt, they're going there to get free space, email, whatever.

the people that *want* to vote and have a voice in the discussions 
should be on thefourm list(as should this conversation :).

what about the plan to make 'members' in the sense of editing their 
member information on w.e.o a priv level 2?

i think this is getting more complicated than it needs to be :)


isaac wrote:

> As MEO people run through the same check as future voting members (i.e.,
> regarding level of contribution), it makes sense (to me), to run future MEO
> people through the same procedure. i.e., you apply for MEO, and you get
> voting rights. Or you apply for voting rights, and you get the option of an
> MEO account.
> So, I think we should give MEO people priv=2, and that's the voting priv.
> I see the current priv scheme as covering admin voting, voting members
> (includes MEO people), general membership, etc. In your scheme, it doesn't
> cover BoD votes or those specific to actual lists. Ideas on ways for
> handling that?

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