[thesite] comment searches

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Nov 16 09:48:32 CST 2001

not wanting to start a huge discussion here or anything, but i think we 

there are times when i'm *not* logged in to evolt that i'd like to use 
that feature or don't have the time to login but just wanna do a quickie 
search.. also anonymous people can effectivley 'search' comments right 
now, albeit manually, so its not like we're showing them something they 
shouldn't be seeing.. lets not exlude anyone from using basic 
features(like searching) of our site just because *we* think they should 
  have a registered account with us. i can name 4 people i work with 
that read and search for articles on our site, but have never registered...


.jeff wrote:

> dan,
>>From: Daniel J. Cody
>>why can't regular anonymous users search for comments?
> they could, if we allowed them to.  i just think it should be a privilege
> you earn with registration.

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