[thesite] Where to put author info (was: ...Other Articles Written...)

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sun Nov 18 22:51:52 CST 2001

On Nov 19, Madhu Menon had something to say about Re: [thesite] [bug]...

>>the pic on the article makes us look like zdnet, webmonkey, et friggin
>I don't agree with you. It adds humanity to the site, and humanity is 
>sorely missing on the Web.
>It also helps put faces to names. Now you have an inkling of who [xyz], the 
>guy who answers all those questions on [abc], is. It reinforces the 
>community feeling. We're all (I hope) friends here, and I like it when 
>people post pictures of themselves in outrageous Hawaain shirts (Hi 
>aardvark!) and weird bunny ears (Hi Isaac!) and even supposedly tickling 
>chimps (Hi to me!).

I don't want to speak for anyone, but from my perspective, it doesn't look
like anyone is against having pictures of authors.

I think the question is where to put it. It makes sense to me to put it on
the user page, since it's definitely more related to a user than an
article. Rudy seems to feel the same way (from what I got reading his
post) and that also makes sense to me -- because he's a data modeler.

Really, the only argument for putting the picture on the article page
itself is to take out the necessary click of the link of the author's
username on the article page to get to the user page. I think we might be
able to do something to make the link to the user page more prominent, but
I think almost assimilating the user/member page into the article itself
is a bit too far.

So, understanding that, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the



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