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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Mon Nov 19 06:53:12 CST 2001

At 05:48 PM 11/19/2001, rudy opined:

>tell that to all the people who use it ironically or sarcastically or
>whatever you call it when you say something and mean the opposite
>on purpose

They use it in that part of the world to express irony? <surprise>

I've always used the correct form literally. I think that people use it 
without realising the correct usage (at least from what I've seen on 
mailing lists).

Sarcasm = use of irony with the clear intention of verbally hurting a person
Sardonicism (often confused with sarcasm) = mocking someone, often cynically.

But I certainly digress.

>true, true, but on each article??  to follow your line of reasoning, they
>would also accomplish this objective on the front page!!  and if you say
>"no, not on the front page" then i gotcha!!!

Well, actually I wouldn't mind it on the front page either. I'm just not 
sure our neutral colour scheme is the best for lots of photography, and it 
would also add to the page size.

Take a look at ZDNet Anchordesk's front page - full of photos: 

I used to work for CNET, and one of the reasons they have those big photos 
of people in their "Perspectives" columns is that it worked really well. 
Check out the perspectives home page at: http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1013.html

And the photos in individual columns: 

(in fact, before they redesigned CNET to fixed width, they used to have 
HUGE photos of columnists)

>if the argument applies, it should apply uniformly, and if it doesn't apply
>to the front page then we're just haggling

Though I've already agreed to photos on the front page, we don't have to 
apply everything uniformly to a site. It's perfectly acceptable on a 
corporate site, for example to have a different look for the home page from 
the rest of the site. The home page and article pages are not the same. I'm 
talking about the human touch that you *feel* when viewing an article 
*along* with the article. But then again, design is a subjective thing.

If you want, we can (and should) move this to theforum. You can make your 
arguments, Isaac and I will make ours, and then in a democratic manner, 
we'll vote. As Spock would say, the good of the many outweighs the good of 
the few.



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