[thesite] rudy, this may intersest you..

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue Oct 9 13:50:25 CDT 2001

Daniel J. Cody wrote on 8/10/01 8:52 pm


Sorry, loose terminology. My mistake.

>i'm not saying that we just walk in and zap a shitload of accounts. in 
>fact, i was happy we had so much talk over what the best way to query 
>for them was.

Just as I'd expect.

>if an account has the same email address, i'd call that a genuine 
>reduadant duplicate(?). we'll know which ones they are because the query 
>will tell us. if a person hasn't logged back in to evolt within  a year, 
>i think its safe to say that they won't have a reaction because they'd 
>probably forgot about us/their accounts/ in the first place, no?

Sounds reasonable. I'd like to do a quick notification email in
advance tho', giving people a day or 2 to complain. As long
as it's got a fair explanation ("tidying up, noticed you had 2,
think this one's redundant - that's OK, right?"), I don't
expect more than one or 2 muted reactions.


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