[thechat] Digesting Digests?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Feb 26 23:30:22 CST 2001


A digest from THIS list?  Or do you mean from theList?

If there are problems with theChat list, let us know and we can look into



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From: "Sabrina Dent, Apperception" <sabrina.dent at appercept.co.uk>

> So can anyone explain to me how the digests get digested, so to speak?
> It's not daily (its several times daily!), it's not automatically sent
> there are X number of posts since the last one, and similarly it's not
> automatically when there are X kbs of posts sitting around.
> So what's the magic digest formula?
> And do *all* the posts get into the digest?
> --Bri

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