[thechat] concert to die for!

Dave McLean thechat at dwcreative.com
Tue Feb 27 01:55:37 CST 2001

On 2/26/01 7:11 AM you wrote:

> I just heard last night that MGB (Matthew Good Band) will be touring with

I once saw the MGB.  It was fall of 1998 ... (dream sequence music here)
anyway... they were nobodies that our conference co-ordinator got together
at the last minute because Zuckerbaby cancelled on us.

The opening band was a local favourite, but they had to cancel too.  And so
when the fill-in openers started playing, hundreds of people asked for their
money back.  It was a shame.  But, MGB played in MacHall at  the UofC for a
good 60 people.  I thought they were pretty good and I stood next to the
bassist with a jug of Big Rock Traditional in one hand and a pint glass in
the other. Everything was automatic.


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