[thechat] Ping, Pong, <table>

Chris Spruck cspruck at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 27 02:25:52 CST 2001

Hi chatsters-

Just wanted to throw in a quick intro. Been on thelist for a while, but 
haven't had much chance to contribute answers yet, since I always seem to 
get beaten to it. I'm the proverbial "Swiss Army Knife" kinda guy, in that 
I find myself doing a bit of everything web-wise - HTML, JavaScript, 
ColdFusion, and SQL with dabblings in graphics, XML, VisualBasic, etc. I'm 
pretty interested in open source stuff like PHP, Python, mySQL, and Linux, 
but haven't had any time to get into those.

I'm in Atlanta and it wouldn't take much to convince me to join (or 
organize) an "Atlanta-beervolticon", which segues to my next comment.

 >its also cool when you wrote it after drinking a 12 pack of Bass. Or when 
you describe it, as i have here, after drinking the better half of a bottle 
of Bombay :)

Dan - thanks for the great digest explanation (as well as your tremendous 
efforts in general with evolt as a whole!), but ummmmm, you do obtain 
nutritive value from "non-liquid" consumables, right? :) We tried to 
convince the boss that judiciously applied quantities of ethanol equated to 
better code and happier coders, but of course a few got out of hand (not 
me), shenanigans ensued, and we were right back to caffeine-based code 
production faster than you can say "Whoop-ass!" 
<http://www.jonessoda.com/store/wa-101.html> Still getting mileage out of 
those - "Don't MAKE me open another can o' this, buddy!!" :)

Joe - did you get any response about the IE-Mac/CF file upload fix I 
suggested? Hope it wasn't just a fluke on my end...

Film Recommendation - Pi - http://www.pithemovie.com/
Won at Sundance '98, filmed in B&W, described as a "psy-fi" film noir type 
of work - it's sort of odd to explain. There's a better explanation at 
c_d_1/102-1000940-0600956 <mind the wrap>

  I'd be curious to hear what you think if you've seen it.


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