[thechat] St. Louis

Jay Turley jay at weberrific.org
Tue Feb 27 10:52:37 CST 2001


All these Austin and London and Atlanta beerfests are making me jealous. I 
think that St. Louis ought to have a beerfest too, not to be left out. Of 
course, I have no idea how many other people here are from St. Louis (I 
know of at least one). There's a great club called the Way Out Club (oddly 
enough, introduced to me by the fellow I know from the list) and on St. 
Patty's day they are having a couple of bands play. I heard one of them - 
Low Freq - last night on KDHX (the local public radio station), and they 
sounded great! Grungy and nasty and non-4/4 time signature. I know my wife 
and I are gonna make it there the night of the 17th. Is anyone else out 
there in the STL area interested??? We can drink green beer until we are... 
erm... green?

Come back now, 

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