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Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
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A tip for those attending evoltcon 2001 in Austin: be sure to try out some of
Texas' many fine beers, most available only in Texas. Some of the better ones to
be on the look-out for include Shiner Bock, Celis Pale Ale (and others from the
Celis Brewery), and St. Arnolds. If you're the type that prefers Bush over
Budweiser, be sure to check out Lone Star beer (my personal favorite), Perl
Beer, and Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) - all brewed in the same brewery in San
Antonio, strangely enough, and all with a puzzle under the cap (pictograms -
bottles only). If anyone is interested in hearing more, I'm sure I can come up
with a more complete list of Texas beers.

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> | Hmmm.. A national "beervolt" event would be schweeeeet...
> |
> actually, and this has been mentioned before: there is going
> to be one in 10 days or so.
> The date is: March 10
> The town is: Austin Texas
> The location is: work in progress
> The time is: work in progress
> and this will be international, I'm flying in from Iceland,
> Martin is flying in from Scotland and a few others are
> flying in from Canada, plus those flying within the States.
> the chatty one rests
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