[thechat] MS Word Weirdnes

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Tue Feb 27 15:06:07 CST 2001

Okay, my weirdness can out-weird your weirdnes (or something)...

First I went to the link you posted, and I clicked the MSWord link. It
diplayed in my browser (IE5.5) quite well (but I didn't actually download

Then your mail came through, and I tried to open the attachment and
kerBLOOie! Word bombed and took several other docs with it. It doesn't
appear to have affected them, though.

Now when I try to get the doc from your web site, it don't work. ?>:|

Have you run a virus scan on your Mac recently? I don't think there's
anything that could wander from platform to platform, but I'm baffled. Try
saving it as RTF?

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>>> whenever I send my (mac) MS Word 98 resume to anyone on a windows
>>> machine, word croaks on them.
>> Weird that it would suddenly start having problems. Are the 
>people on the
>> other end using Word 2K? Have you tried saving your file as 
>RTF instead of
>> native Word format? I usually have pretty good luck with that.
>I know that one of them at least is using office 2k - don't 
>know if that's
>the issue though, as the file formats are supposed to be 
>compatible.  I have
>html and plain text too, which I've been using more of.
>I've been pointing them at the html version.  There's a link 
>to the word doc
>there too, and I've heard no complaints (yet) about that one.  
>Wanna check?
>> I use Word 2K if you want me to check the document... Send 
>it off list, of
>> course.
>Cool.  Thanks.
>bob davis
>bobd at members.evolt.org
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