[thechat] Beervolts

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Tue Feb 27 15:10:07 CST 2001

Replying as a transplant who's been in Texas 5 years this May...

> be on the look-out for include Shiner Bock, Celis Pale Ale 
> (and others from the
> Celis Brewery), and St. Arnolds. If you're the type that 

Shiner is a dark Bud Light. If you already have a taste for Newcastle,
Shiner will be close, but taste ashy; unrefined. Budweiser has a competitive
brand, Ziegenbock, but I stay with Newcastle. The Celis beers are great, but
out of business (AFAIK). St Arnolds is just plain good =)

> prefers Bush over
> Budweiser, be sure to check out Lone Star beer (my personal 
> favorite), Perl
> Beer, and Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) - all brewed in the same 

PBR is a nor-eastern beer, ain't it? Thought it was, not that common down
here (Dallas)

We're most likely gonna be at the Coppertank Brewing Company on Saturday;
the premises are large enough to hold a crowd if we get one, and the beers
(micro-brew) are outstanding. The Dallas Coppertank has earned medals at the
Great American Brewfest held every year....

But, I'm a Sapphire and Tonic man these days....

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