[thechat] MS Word Weirdnes

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Feb 27 15:23:22 CST 2001

Well, I'm thinking there's a definite problem with respect to the way the
Mac version of Word saved the file and the way that our fancy MS-based
systems interpret the file, meaning, the combination of IE, Windows and

Let me know if my file I sent to you opens, and I'd still like to retest it
after you email it back to me.

My Mac knowledge is limited, but is there an option anywhere, that you can
specify to save it as a Windows file?  That said, RTF shouldn't present the
same problem .. but wtf is up with not being able to d/l the file directly
nor to email the file and have it open correctly (which, btw, if I saved the
email you sent to disk and opened it off my disk outside of OE, it was
fine).  There's a larger cross-platform compatibility problem going on here.
I'm too lazy to check out MS's documentation, but there may be something
worthwhile there.



Never EVER open a document directly from within your web browser .. I'd
bitch-slap the person that thought incorporating every possible file
extension into IE was a Good Thing, if only I could.  If you don't have your
file permissions set to automatically save .exe and .zip files, you should.
Everything else, right click and save to hard drive... unless you don't mind
the possibility of knocking your system down.  Another bitch-slap!

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