[thechat] MS Word Weirdnes

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Feb 27 15:23:52 CST 2001

Some thoughts on the Document issues...
	- filename
		-exotic, possibly hidden characters in the name?
		-make sure ends with .doc
	- upload
		- make sure to upload in binary
	- "telephone game" effect
		- perhaps it's been transferred a number of times,
		  and reedited several different times, introducing
		  some new problem. start fresh with new word document
	- testing something new?
		- try making a brand spanking new document, save as word
		  and send/upload to someone on windows, see if that breaks it
	- encoding/fonts
		- perhaps a corrupt font which got embedded?
	- exotic encoding (unicode? something else?)
	- mime-type on server?
		- perhaps not set correctly? (though diff with emailing
		  it tend to make this unlikely)
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