[thechat] MS Word Weirdnes

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Feb 27 15:49:52 CST 2001

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From: "Bob Davis" <bobd at members.evolt.org>

> Now, this, I believe, is the most likely story.  My old file was ~90k, but
> the one Michele sent to me (from Office2k) was only 44k.  I wonder if it's
> just cruft in there?
> Maybe I have versioning turned on or somthing.

Naw, I don't think you have anything to worry about on your end Bob ..
anyone that remembers switching to Word97 will remember the HUGE files that
it produced.. thankfully, MS fixed this particular problem in Word 2K and
file sizes are now more reasonable (never be DOS reasonable again, but
that's another rant).  IOW, with Word2K you *should* notice a drastic file
size difference than previous versions .. and if you don't you've got probs
with your normal templates. <grin>

> > - encoding/fonts
> Arial and Georgia.  Nothing weird.
> > - perhaps a corrupt font which got embedded?
> Could be.

I'm willing to bet it was that weird image .. now if it was caused by a
corrupt font, or something else .. who knows.


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