[thechat] Making the leap from virtual to real

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Tue Feb 27 15:51:57 CST 2001

> On another note - how have *you* made sure, that when making the leap
> from virtual to real, people actually meet. I've heard of several

for IRC get togethers, we'd have a table at TGI Friday's (or wherever we
were meeting) that had the table under channel's name ... and there was
always a core group who knew each other and basically, either you introduced
yourself, or someone introduced you to the group....

> don't think this will be an issue @ evoltcon - but how have you solved
> this in the past.

I'm sure it won't be an issue at evoltcon, cause most of us have met each
other before, or have seen pictures, or will be partying since thursday
night together =)

> (I usually tell folks I'll be wearing my red cardigan and provide a
> rough description of myself (roundish fellow, goatee long/short hair,
> depending).

yah, I'm the tall, goofy, obnoxious shaved head guy....


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