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> Replying as a transplant who's been in Texas 5 years this May...

At least you made it before it was too late ;)

> Shiner is a dark Bud Light. If you already have a taste for Newcastle,
> Shiner will be close, but taste ashy; unrefined. Budweiser has a competitive
> brand, Ziegenbock, but I stay with Newcastle.

Actually, Shiner Bock is a 'bock' beer, which is a German type of beer
traditionally brewed in the fall.

We used to have Shiner at our family reunions (in Shiner, TX no less), and that
was twenty years ago when I was just a boy. Yes they fed me beer, they are
German descendants after all ;). Shiner Bock was seasonal then.

I'm not even going to dignify Bud bock with a comparison. Bud bock is swill.

New Castle is an ale, a nut brown ale to be precise. Very different - but really
good, one of my favs. I even have a Newcastle bottle opener on my keychain,
courtesy of a newkie rep.

> The Celis beers are great, but out of business (AFAIK). St Arnolds is just
plain good =)

Celis out of business? Hmmm... you may be right, their website doesn't come up
anyway (http://www.celis.com). I really liked their beers. Damn.

> PBR is a nor-eastern beer, ain't it? Thought it was, not that common down
> here (Dallas)

It's probably much more common than you realize. Have a look at the stores you
go to. I'll bet a few of them carry it. I could be wrong as I live in Houston,
not Dallas. PBR is brewed at the Pearl brewery in S.A. and at the Lehigh Valley
Brewery, Pennsylvania. (http://www.pabst.com/) FWIW - Pabst makes a lot of
different beers.

> We're most likely gonna be at the Coppertank Brewing Company on Saturday;
> the premises are large enough to hold a crowd if we get one, and the beers
> (micro-brew) are outstanding. The Dallas Coppertank has earned medals at the
> Great American Brewfest held every year....


> But, I'm a Sapphire and Tonic man these days....
> sgd

Your lack of beer trivia is forgiven then.:) This concludes 'Texas Beers 101'.
Thanks for attending.

- Bruce

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