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Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Tue Feb 27 17:02:37 CST 2001

Yep, Northwestern microbrews (NW meaning San Fran northward ) are the bestest.

I used to tend bar & wait tables at Humboldt Brewery in Arcata: Red Nectar, 
Gold Rush, Oatmeal Stout...  they are okay but not the greatest... owned by 
ex-Oakland Raider Mario Celotto and his pro-volleyball-playing (now ex-) 
wife, Julia.  Oh, I have stories about that crew.  Oh yes.

Just across the bay, in Eureka, Lost Coast Brewery: Downtown Brown.  Some 
of my old coworkers now work there.

Just up 101 about 5 miles: Mad River Brewery... uh oh, now I'm getting 
confused... because there's a brewery in Blue Lake, too, about 5 miles 
inland that brews Jamaica Red... which of them brews Steelhead pale, I 
forgot... but they're all local Humboldt Co beers.  The porter... the one 
with the blue label... that's my favorite.

Okay, and a couple of hours south is Hopland & Sierra Nevada brewery: Red 
Tail Ale, Blue Heron Pale, Eye of the Hawk Stout, etc...

Black Butte porter is good too, I think that's local to Portland.  So is 
Anchor Porter from SF.

Oh, we can't forget Shakespeare Stout and Dead Guy Pale and all the beers 
from Ashland...

Beer: reason #482 why next Evolticon should be in Portland or the vicinity.


>My current beer is Young's Double Chocolate Stout, though if I have to have a
>regional preference, I'd go with the nor'western beers, ala Anchor Steam and
>Sierra Nevada....
>Think you can make it to Austin?
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