[thechat] Beervolts

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Tue Feb 27 17:38:37 CST 2001

Scott vehemently contributed the following:

> you're presuming I qualify under the "I wasn't born in Texas but I got here
> as fast as I could" saying. I don't. Work brought me here, and I'm inside
> 2yrs of leaving this sexist, racist, homophobic, self-inflating ego driven
> state....

hehe.. great diatribe, and yeah, all too true, but.... You live in Dallas.
Dallas sucks. Bad. That might have skewed your perspective. Besides, Wisconsin
has how many white supremacists? New York has Koch and Julianni, and that's
enough egotism for any state. ;)

What really matters is the community you live in.

> heh, you and I should go beer drinking, methinks we'd have a good time.

You bet.

> Think you can make it to Austin?

Yep, I'm guessing I'll make it. :)


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