List Options was .. Re: [thechat] Ooops, HTML Mail

Bob Davis bobd at
Tue Feb 27 18:37:54 CST 2001

on 2/27/01 5:34 PM, Michele Foster at michele at wrote:

> I think we should turn HTML mail off for thechat .. *safer*  Plus no files
> sent on thechat list either.  Same rules as thelist?
> What say everyone else?

That's fine - though I don't mind attachments while the list is still
relatively small.  I don't know if we need it though, what with everyone
having access to a m.e.o account for the posting of cool pictures, buggered
resumes, etc.

I've gotten so used to not sending html or attachments, that I often forget
I can on some of the lists I'm on.



bob davis
bobd at

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