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> The History Channel had an interesting thing on beer a couple weeks ago and
> I thought they said PBR was an early competitor with Anheuser Busch and
> Miller, but it went the way of Schlitz there during the 60's. I really wish
> I had taped that show -- I think it was in the Modern Marvel series.
> ~TAbbey /
This is so cool! I didn't expect to learn anything about beer today.

I spent a few minutes looking around the pabst site today and discovered that
they make Schlitz beer also. Might be some correlations there.

So. All the time Bud (substitute Miller if you like) was expanding it's market
and consolidating it's acquisitions under one name, PBR was doing something
different. It was buying but not consolidating. It seems to have left the
individual breweries more or less to themselves instead of converting them to
PBR like Anheuser Busch converted it's acquisitions to Budweiser.

Does that sound reasonable?

It's all about branding. Anheuser Busch has done a much better job of that, and
consequently, they're stinking rich.

I'd take Budweiser stock, but not their beer.

Well, been fun, but I got cajun food waitin for me :)


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