[thechat] IE Upload; funny how-to-meet-a-group story

Chris Spruck cspruck at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 28 00:11:57 CST 2001


At 12:35 PM 2/27/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Chris Spruck wrote:
> > Joe - did you get any response about the IE-Mac/CF file upload fix I
> > suggested? Hope it wasn't just a fluke on my end...
>Sorry Chris -- this issue is a victim of shifting priorities. We hope to
>get to this this week. :-\

No worries - it worked for what *I* needed, so that's what counts. Just 
kidding! :) Hope it turns out useful for everyone.

>On another note - how have *you* made sure, that when making the leap
>from virtual to real, people actually meet.

I've done the "I'll be wearing gold framed glasses and a blue shirt" thing 
and I've also gone person to person through a crowded club, looking for a 
girl I knew only by email who gave me a really sketchy description, until 
after about 20 tries, I finally climbed up on the corner of the stage 
during a break and shouted out her full name. Kinda got everyone's 
attention, so I'd recommend deciding on some common thing for a Beervolt, 
like drawing a big E on your forehead or something, hehehe.

Just recalled the funniest time I met a group - I was the organizer, so I 
told people we were listed under the name "Search" and to meet at the bar 
before we got a table. Few people caught it until they heard over the 
loudspeaker, "Search party of 9! Search party! Your table is ready." There 
was a momentary hush, then the whole place erupted in laughter, and almost 
funnier - I had to explain what a search party is to the announcer and he 
still didn't get it. :)


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