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Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Wed Feb 28 09:48:53 CST 2001

> Texans
> don't think
> there's anything wrong with their state (or their beliefs), and will tell
> you so ;)

Riiiight, my biggest objection is to being lumped into a group with 17
million other people and then being described in an unflattering manner.
Yes, we have racists - we have murderers and child molesters, too, but so
does every state in the nation, and I hardly think you'd like to lump
yourself into that group. :)  We have lots and lots of Republicans, AND
MILLIONS of Democrats.  We even have a couple of green-party supporters.

The problem with generalizing is that you're almost SURE to offend SOMEONE.
:)  No hard feelings though.

> oh yeah, there's a mini-evolt thing happening in Dallas on Thurs, March 8,
> Seth (and anyone else in the DFW area), I think its about time we hung out
> some =)

Just got word that we will be having layoffs (2nd round) here next
Wednesday..  If I get laid-off then I will definitely have my drinking pants

Where's the gig?

And I leave you with a quote:
"I think people who speak in metaphores should shampoo my crotch"


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