[thechat] Beervolts

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Wed Feb 28 10:59:23 CST 2001

Martin wrote.

>Caledonian Golden Promise (organic too)

oh stop.

Hemp beer is the trendy thing in Nor Cal lately.
Humboldt Brewery's made some good ones.  High octane, too.
The best beer comes out of the tap, of course...
and you get the specialty brews if you go to the source...

>We can match you beer for beer.

I have no doubt... hey first time I ever drank big frothy pints of 
dark beer was in the UK... of course I was 16 or 17 at the time...

the cider was good, too.

I remember... after a few pints... a bunch of Brits convinced me to 
throw darts.
Imagine me trying to hit the dartboard... I'm drunk and don't know 
the first thing about throwing a dart... it got pretty exciting for 

In Germany I lived in Kamp Lintfort, where they brewed Diebels Alt. 
mmm.  We used to cut class & hang out at the pub, drink & smoke & 
play foosball (which they called 'kicker').  Hard to go back to a 
prison-like high school in the US after that.

In the US, the brewpub thing really got going in the 80's.  Before 
that we didn't have much in the way of beer or coffee.  Now we have 
beer made with coffee.


PS: I was mixed up in earlier mail, and didn't get the beg of the 
thread about beer in Austin... are there brewpubs in Austin?  When 
are we going?

Oh, and:
Shakespeare Stout, et all... those are Rogue River beers brewed in 
Newport on the Oregon coast.  I got that one wrong before.

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